Laser Mole Removal in Newport Beach, California

Traditional methods for laser mole removal have their limitations, often leading to varied results and prolonged recovery times. Patients seeking alternatives may find themselves at a crossroads, given the abundance of outdated options. At Pacifica Cosmetic Surgery Center in Newport Beach, CA, we have a different solution.

Dr. Hendricks uses Biolase® technology, a pioneering approach in laser mole removal that stands alone in the United States. This method provides a precise, clean, and effective removal of moles and other skin blemishes.

What Is Laser Mole Removal?

Laser mole removal is a treatment that uses a laser to remove moles and skin lesions rather than freezing them with nitrous oxide or removing them with incisions. This technique reduces the mole’s appearance without surgery, resulting in minimal scarring, better results, and reduced healing time. By focusing on the specific area, the surrounding skin remains unharmed, making laser mole removal a preferred choice for those seeking clearer skin.

What Is Biolase?

The Waterlase® device from Biolase is traditionally recognized for its use in dental procedures, employing lasers with air and water spray to perform various dental tasks. In a unique application at our office, we use this technology for mole removal treatment, making us the sole provider of this service in the U.S. The adaptation of Biolase for mole removal offers a less invasive, more precise method compared to traditional techniques, setting a new standard in skincare treatments.

Why Choose Laser Mole Removal Over Traditional Methods?

Does Not Leave a Depression

One advantage of laser mole removal is its precision, which avoids the formation of depressions in the skin post-treatment. Traditional methods often remove imprecise layers of skin, resulting in indentations as the body heals. In contrast, laser technology targets the mole specifically without going too deep to preserve the skin’s integrity.

Does Not Leave a Linear Scar

Traditional mole removal techniques can leave a noticeable linear scar with train-track suture marks, which many find to be as bothersome as the original lesion. Laser mole removal does not produce this type of scar because it preserves as much unaffected skin as possible. Patients typically experience a more seamless healing process, with scars that are less noticeable or not even present.

A More Accurate Treatment

Laser mole removal excels in precision, treating skin layer by layer. This methodical approach ensures that only the mole is targeted, maintaining the health of the surrounding tissue. It provides a controlled environment for mole removal, leading to better aesthetic outcomes.

Lack of Heat Injury

Another benefit of laser mole removal is the lack of heat injury to the surrounding skin. The laser technology carefully controls the amount of heat applied, preventing collateral tissue damage.

No Stitches

The mole removal treatment eliminates the need for stitches. This leads to a smoother recovery process. Patients appreciate the lack of stitches, as it simplifies the healing phase and reduces the risk of infection.

Less Discomfort

Skin mole removal with laser technology involves less discomfort due to the cooling effects of a mist of water and air used during the treatment. This keeps the tissue cool and comfortable, reducing the sensation of heat often associated with laser treatments.

Our Treatment Process

  • Evaluation: Safety and suitability are important. For each individual, Dr. Hendricks conducts a thorough evaluation to determine the nature of the mole. If there’s a need, patients are referred to a cancer specialist. Otherwise, he proceeds with the mole removal using Biolase.
  • Biolase Treatment: The mole removal treatment with Biolase is designed to be painless and efficient, typically completed within 30 minutes. This approach allows patients to undergo the treatment without any downtime and return to daily activities immediately afterward.
  • Aftercare and Follow-Up: While laser mole removal usually clears moles in a single session, Dr. Hendricks provides comprehensive aftercare and follow-up appointments. This is to ensure the healing process is progressing well and to address any subsequent concerns.

FAQs About Laser Mole Removal

What Types of Lesions Can Be Removed With Biolase?

Laser mole removal with Biolase can effectively remove a variety of skin lesions, including moles, skin tags, and other formations. Dr. Hendricks has used it head to toe to remove spider veins, dark spots, and diabetic ulcers. This technology offers a precise and gentle method to address unwanted skin concerns and is a versatile solution for different types of skin imperfections.

The healing process following skin mole removal with Biolase is typically swift and uncomplicated. Patients can expect the treated area to heal over a short period, with minimal discomfort and no need for significant downtime. Proper aftercare, as advised by Dr. Hendricks, will further promote a smooth recovery.

Our mole removal approach is unique because Dr. Hendricks is the only surgeon in the U.S. utilizing Biolase technology for this purpose, and patients come from all over to take advantage of this method. Unlike other clinics where treatments might be performed by nurses or estheticians, all our mole removal treatments are directly carried out by the doctor. This promotes higher standards of care.

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Laser mole removal at Pacifica Cosmetic Surgery Center in Newport Beach, CA, provides a precise, efficient, and less invasive alternative to traditional methods. We ensure each patient receives comprehensive care, from initial evaluation to post-treatment follow-up. If you’re considering laser mole removal, contact us online or call us at (949) 304-6678 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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