Fat Transfer

If there are certain parts of your body that you wish had more volume — like your breasts or buttocks — and areas that were trimmer, a fat transfer could be the solution to your problems.

Triple board-certified surgeon Douglas Hendricks, MD offers his patients in Newport Beach Fat Transfers to help them achieve their desired results. Learn more by calling his office or booking an appointment online.

What is a Fat Transfer?

Our best in Newport Beach Fat Transfer is exactly what it sounds like. During this procedure, Dr. Hendricks takes fat from a part of your body where you have it in excess and moves it to a location where you want more volume.

For example, he can take excess fat from your abdomen and move it to your breasts to increase breast size naturally. Similarly, he can take fat from your thighs and other areas, and move it to your buttocks in what is known as a buttocks fat transfer.

What are the Benefits of Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer procedures offer two notable benefits. First, they give you the opportunity to increase fullness in areas where you want it, helping your body look more proportional and boosting your self-confidence.

Secondly, because Dr. Hendricks needs to derive the fat for your breast or buttock augmentation from your own body, you get to pick an area where you wish you were trimmer. He then removes fat from that area, minimizing or even completely eliminating your problem area.

Which is better — Implants or Fat Transfer?

Neither is better or worse than the other. However, there are individual considerations that may make the procedure suitable for some patients and not others. For example, patients this wish to have breasts that are at least two cup sizes or larger will likely need breast implants (breast augmentation).

Both implants and fat transfer can look very realistic. However, after a fat transfer Newport Beach patients love the extremely natural look and feel of using real body fat to enhance the breasts or buttocks.

No matter which procedure you are interested in, Dr. Hendricks is pleased to speak with you during a private consultation to help make the decision that will deliver the most satisfactory results by drawing on his many years of experience as a triple-board certified surgeon.

How Can Fat Transfer Increase The Size Of My Breasts?

A fat transfer breast augmentation is ideal for women who want to increase the volume of their breasts while maintaining a natural appearance and feel.

Generally, you can’t increase breast size with fat transfer as significantly as you can with implants, but if you want a way to increase volume in your chest while trimming another part of your body, a fat transfer augmentation is ideal.

During the breast fat transfer procedure, Dr. Hendricks performs liposuction on the body area from which you’ve chosen to take the fat. Laser-assisted liposuction, or Smartlipo, is available. He then adds that fat to your breasts through a small incision on either side of your chest.

How Can Fat Transfer Increase The Size Of My Buttocks?

Buttock augmentations, also called Brazilian butt lifts, have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. During this procedure, Dr. Hendricks uses either traditional liposuction or laser-assisted Smartlipo to remove fat from the area of your choice, whether that’s your waist, hips, or thighs.

He then takes the removed fat, cleans it, and then places it in your buttocks, giving you a fuller, more shapely backside. To learn more about breast and buttock augmentations with fat transfer, call Pacifica Cosmetic Surgery Center, or schedule your appointment online today.

Are Fat Transfer Results Instant?

The results of a fat transfer are immediately visible; however, it is probable that not all of the fat cells that are grafted to enhance a body part will survive. Therefore, at six months or so after your procedure, this is considered the final result. Likewise, surgical fat reduction with liposuction has instant results.

Once the fat is surgically removed, it will not come back unless you gain weight. There is a degree of initial swelling that is expected in the area that had fat cells removed; swelling after liposuction will mostly resolve in a matter of weeks or months, depending on the extent and method of fat removal that was done.

fat transfer frequently asked questions

Autologous fat transfer is a two-step procedure. Excess fat is treated with surgical fat reduction via liposuction. The natural body fat is cleaned and then grafted into the subcutaneous fat layer of an area that the patient wishes to see more volume.

Breast fat grafting is a natural way to increase cup size without the use of implants, hormones, push-up bras, or ineffective breast enhancement creams that don’t work as advertised.

No. The fat that is harvested cannot be saved for later injection. The fat graft is living, and will only survive a short time outside the human body. In order to ensure the longevity and quality of the fat that is grafted to enhance the body part of your choice, it is essential that the fat grafting procedure is done within two hours of harvesting the body fat.

The fat graft contains live fat cells. Not all of the fat graft will survive. It is expected that a certain number of fat cells will die off in the first several months following the procedure. The tightness of your skin is one of the biggest factors that determine the success of the fat graft. Therefore, patients with naturally small breasts and tight skin are likely to see a better result with breast implants to increase bust size.

Unlike implants, a fat graft is considered permanent because it becomes part of the living tissue in the body. Keep in mind that losing weight after the procedure can result in a loss of fat cells in the body, including the area that was enhanced during the autologous fat transfer surgery. Therefore, it is best to have reached your goal weight prior to coming in for a fat transfer procedure.

The area with unwanted fat has traditional or laser-assisted liposuction performed to remove the excess fat in accordance with your cosmetic preferences. The fat is then purified in a revolving canister. It is then placed into the area that you wish to see enhanced, most often the breasts or buttocks, two areas that women frequently desire a curvier look. Fat transfer has also been used to improve facial volume loss related to aging, as an alternative to hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

Fat transfer downtime may vary based on the extent of liposuction that is performed. Dr. Hendricks advises each patient of the expected downtime during the consultation, along with any other questions you may wish to ask.

No. The fat cells must come from the patient’s own body. Medical literature has not concluded the safety or efficacy of using a fat graft obtained from another person; Therefore, this is not currently a procedure that a qualified surgeon would offer.

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