Breast Implant Exchange

Our bodies evolve and change continuously, as part of the aging process, in response to weight fluctuations, and changes in lifestyle.

It’s possible that the breast implants you got several years ago may have shifted from their original position, or in response to gradual changes that your body has gone through. They may no longer be as aesthetically pleasing as they were when you first got them. Thankfully you aren’t stuck with your current breast implants. Breast implants are completely removable and a breast implant exchange, where you switch out one set of implants for another, is a common procedure.

In Southern California, one doctor is particularly respected for his skill in breast implant revision surgery, including breast implant exchange. That doctor is Dr. Douglas Hendricks, a triple board-certified plastic surgeon with over 30 years’ experience who performs plastic and reconstructive surgeries in Newport Beach, achieving beautiful, natural-looking results at Pacifica Cosmetic Surgery Center.


Why Choose Us For Breast Implant Exchange?

When you visit our relaxing Newport Beach office, you will receive the best of care. Dr. Hendricks is a dedicated surgeon who is triple board-certified in general, hand and plastic surgery. Dr. Hendricks is regarded among the most experienced and skilled Newport Beach breast implant exchange providers.

Since opening Pacifica Cosmetic Surgery Center in beautiful Newport Beach 20 years ago, he has transformed his patients’ lives providing gorgeous, lasting results. Dr. Hendricks and his staff work hard to provide a customized plan with the best solution to your specific needs. We will help restore your beauty by recapturing and rejuvenating your true aesthetic.

Can I Switch Out My Breast Implants For A New Set?

Yes. If you have no pain or discomfort, and no ruptured implants, but you simply want to exchange your breast implants for a new and different set of implants in order to achieve a different look, you may elect to undergo a breast implant revision procedure. Dr. Hendricks has performed hundreds of breast implant exchange procedures for patients in the Newport Beach area, and surrounding territories in Southern California.

Why Consider A Breast Implant Exchange?

There are many reasons that propel women to consider a breast implant exchange. There may be issues of discomfort with a breast implant. This can occur as a result of such problems as capsular contracture, a complication that can occur when scar tissue forms around the implant and squeezes the implant. In some cases, capsular contracture may not produce pain but should be addressed nonetheless. Other problems that can crop up with breast implants include the shifting or moving of an implant, which may also cause or not cause pain or discomfort, but in some cases, may produce a visible shift in the breast’s shape. Still, it may be advisable to pay your plastic surgeon a visit and consider an implant exchange procedure if you experience any of the following symptoms:
  • Pain, soreness, or swelling in the breast, particularly at the site of the implant
  • Changes in size or shape of the breast
  • Lumps in the breast which may or may not be painful
  • Hardening of breast tissue which may or may not be painful
In other instances, silicone-filled or saline-filled breast implants may rupture. In the case of saline implants, the body will easily absorb the saltwater, but in the case of a ruptured silicone implant, you may be faced with what is known as a silent rupture, in which the silicone is trapped within the surrounding tissue. Over time, this trapped silicone may cause pain or swelling in the breast. While ruptured silicone implants may cause pain in the breast or alter the breasts’ shape or contour, the condition is not believed to be a cause of breast cancer, reproductive ailments, nor diseases of the connective tissues, such as rheumatoid arthritis. If you have silicone breast implants and suspect that one of your implants might have ruptured, contact your plastic surgeon immediately. Typically, an imaging test, such as an MRI or ultrasound, will be performed in order to determine whether the implant has actually ruptured. If you do have a ruptured implant, including a silent rupture that is causing no symptoms or discomfort, Dr. Hendricks will explain your treatment options. In most cases, you may be advised to have the implant removed or replaced in order to prevent possible further complications.

Consultation for Breast Implant Exchange

If you are interested in Breast Implant Exchange Newport Beach surgeon Dr. Hendricks would be happy to schedule a consultation. As a triple board-certified plastic surgeon with over 30 years of plastic surgery experience, he will go over your goals, options, and expectations. Dr. Hendricks has performed hundreds of breast implant procedures, achieving beautiful, natural-looking results, and is highly respected by both his patients and peers in Newport Beach and nearby communities in Southern California.

What About Breast Implant Removal?

If you choose to have your breast implants removed, you may be faced with stretched out sagging skin in the breasts as a result of stretching to accommodate the breast implant. In these cases, you have several options. You may consider augmenting the breast and restoring fullness and volume by using a fat grafting procedure that replaces the removed implant with fat harvested from your own body.

Or you may choose to undergo our Breast Lift procedure in which excess sagging skin is trimmed away and the breasts are positioned at a higher location on the chest.This procedure may effectively diminish the visible effects of stretched saggy skin following the removal of breast implants. If you have breast implants and you think that you’d like to update your look or suspect that there may be a problem with one of your implants, contact Pacifica Cosmetic Surgery Center and schedule an appointment with Dr. Hendricks today.

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